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Create a Mylo account and link your bank to the app.



Select a Canadian charity and set a donation goal.



Use your debit and credit cards to make purchases.



Mylo rounds up and donates your spare change!

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Why Round Up to Give?

An easy, automated way to give

Donate without changing your lifestyle or feeling the difference in your bank account.

There’s a charity for everyone

Support a cause that matters to you by choosing from any of Canada’s 86,000 registered charities.

Lower your tax bill

You may be entitled to receive as much as 52% of your donation back at tax time. Plus, we’ll send you an official donation receipt directly in the app.

Share the love to support your cause

Refer friends to Round Up to Give and you’ll earn $5 to donate to your charity--and so will they!

Great causes Mylo users are supporting

Centraide of Greater Montreal

Thanks to the generosity of thousands of donors, Centraide can support close to 350 agencies that help people in situations of poverty.

Montreal, QC
Montreal Heart Institute Foundation

Supporting research, care, teaching, prevention, rehabilitation, and the assessment of new technologies at the Montreal Heart Institute, a world-renowned, ultra specialized cardiology hospital.

Montreal, QC
Eva's Initiatives for Homeless Youth

Eva's mission is to work collaboratively with homeless and at-risk youth to help them reach their potential to lead productive, self-sufficient and healthy lives by providing safe shelter and a range of services aimed at creating long term solutions for homeless youth.

Toronto, ON
Empowering Indigenous Youth in Governance and Leadership

Bringing together Indigenous youth leaders from across Canada, EIYGL provides important ingredients that builds effective leaders through meaningful skill development, identification of common issues, challenges, opportunities and values.

Winnipeg, MB

OUTSaskatoon is a queer community centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It’s the only centre of it’s kind in the province and they have been working to support the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, two spirit, and intersex people since 1991.

Saskatoon, SK
+86,000 More

Thanks to our partnership with CanadaHelps, the nation's largest online giving platform, you can Round Up to Give to any of Canada's 86,000 registered charities.


Who is using Round Up to Give?

“For a decade, we donated to the Terry Fox Foundation by doing the Terry Fox Run as a family. Now I’m swapping my running shoes for roundups.”

Maria K.


“Round Up to Give means I can always afford to give and make a positive impact in my community.”

Peter L.

St-John’s, Newfoundland

“I like that I can give AND save without feeling it in my day to day finances”

Lyla B


Got questions?
Check out these common Q&A's

We charge a $1 per month flat fee to use Mylo. CanadaHelps charges a processing fee that amounts to 2.0% of your total donation. Read more about CanadaHelps fees here.
No. We process your donations once a month, so we save your roundups in your charity goal as cash before sending them to your selected charity. This means there is no investment risk related to any of the funds you want to donate.
The average Mylo user generates around $10 in roundups per week, but you might save more or less depending on how frequently you use your debit and credit cards. There are also three ways that you can reach your donation goal faster: give your savings a boost by depositing a lump sum in donation goal, multiply your roundups, or earn $5 towards your goal for every friend you successfully refer to Mylo.
We round up your purchases and put the same amount of spare change in every financial goal that you have created. Imagine you are saving for a vacation and also donating to a charity with Mylo. If you buy a coffee for $4.50, we will deposit the 50 cent roundup in both goals. In other words, you’ll be putting $1 aside on a $4.50 purchase.
You can also disable or accelerate roundups for specific goals. If you want to focus on your donation goal, you can temporarily pause roundups on other goals. If you want to reach a goal faster, you can multiply roundups (by 2x up to 10x) for an individual goal.
You can withdraw money from your donation goal anytime, at no cost, but be sure to do this before the last Friday of the month. That’s when we process your donation and send it to your chosen charity.
Referral bonuses will be deposited into the first goal that you created in the Mylo app. This means that if you were saving and investing towards a goal before you create a donation goal, the $5 bonus will be deposited into your original goal. If you want to donate the $5 to your selected charity, simply withdraw the money from your original goal and boost your donation goal with the same amount.

For more answers about Mylo or Round Up to Give, please visit our comprehensive FAQ.

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